Questions? Writing Words of Life

"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live"





The room was eerily dark when I was awakened suddenly by a distant foreboding sound. As I jolted up, I felt  suspended in thought trying to decipher the situation and a possible outcome, one that would not involve something horrible.  I watched in  animated disbelief as a shadow fell across the  threshold of my chamber. I was paralyzed.

My mind began a rapid series of racing thoughts vacillating   between fear or flight and complete terror.  Desperately trying to assess the  situation as rationally as possible, I focused on  keeping  my hearing acutely tuned to the dissonant sounds.

Relatively, I realized that somehow  time was  gravely important to the immediacy of the  situation.  What time was it?    Quickly, my eyes darted to the dresser, where the digital clock displayed the time, 2:22 a.m.  I froze in time.  And then the phone rang.

© J Anjoun/03-2017

Human Debt

We move in stages
Up and down
A vast linear plane
Sometimes up and
Sometimes down
This always resounds
With distrain that is
Confiscated by distress
The payments have been
Too much
Levies inundate our lives
When we look to coalesce
Forms and legal words we play
To affect our free positions
With carefully stylized phrases
Reiterating our conditions
To a world of mixed up people
In every walk of life
None really knowing
The depths of human strife
Take care to speak in perfect tongue
And do not utter any errors
Or you will be the victim
Of a quiver of poisoned arrows

© J Anjoun 08/2017

The shadow image above is from: 

Nosferatu (1922) [Silent Movie]

Image taken by the Author on a South Carolina night

Leaving Insanity

I owe no time to another man's empire
In a world steeped in quagmire
Higher than a cathedral spire

Where money has been corrupted
Lives completely disrupted
And humanity abducted

Held hostage most despicably
Deaf to an appeal and plea
Absent of carefree

To what end is this game
A play for hall of fame
Or a much more sinister aim

Deciphering holograms and clones
Carefully, not to throw stones
Or enter forbidden zones

Is the evil real or just a synthetic
Or a covert idea of aesthetic
Perhaps ignoble poetic

Everything is against the grain
Stealing the human brain
Exit stage left, refrain

Acting in love in sync with design
Stepping out and becoming blind
Leaving the matrix behind

You must go, go quickly now
Pow! Wow! Holy cow!
Go with an undying penchant
To completely disavow

Leave behind the insanity
Celebrate with glee

Shadows Fall

Shadowy silhouettes rise up
Moving slowly with the sun
On a journey to oblivion
Once blackness takes its hold

Secrets held in swirling motion
Profoundly absent in deep sleep
Seeming bigger than life
Under creeping swaths of time

Thoughts ebb in raised processions
On gossamer silken strands
Melting into painted visions
Faint shades of grays and blues

Calm as evening starts to fall
Repeating shadows known
Quietly playing hushed lullabies
In the comfort of solemn nights

Dancing as the movements flicker
Enticing and thought provoking
Messages from other dimensions
Drifting out in slow steady motion

Sleep comes unexpectedly
Tumbling into gentle slumber
Colors full of rainbow dreams
As shadows slip away

© J Anjoun -04/2015

I remember a day like this long ago
Seems like a lifetime or maybe two
Where love and sorrow dually flowed
And life's journey played right through

Peace is now the perpetual theme
As eternity brought the new beginnings
From a life interrupted mid stream
Mounting final flight on golden wings

For those here and present find
In a world of memories stored within
Bringing a nostalgic and peace of mind
As we remember, what has been

© J Anjoun/02-11-/2017


Belief in evil systems
Has molded you in parts
Your heart has been bypassed
Sending all emotions off the charts

Breathing will not help
A mind running on indecision
Painfully deliberating as you toggle
In the end only causes pain and confusion

Free your mind and all its traps
It's the persecution you need to reconcile
You should cling one hundred percent
To elevate your spirit and change your lifestyle

Please hearken to a higher source
If giving means you give your all
Luke warm beliefs and balancing acts
Are meaningless to a world in a spiraling fall

No need for accolades and recognition
Honor always acts in quiet, steady modes
Compassion coming from within your soul
And will never need the secrecy of codes

Choose with discernment and dispose of
All inconsistency and evil you see
Believe you can be the good in the world
And seal it with truth, honor and love

©  J Anjoun 09/2017

Love and Peace

When I think of all the strife and trouble
In a world like pieces in an unfinished puzzle
I sadly ask myself "where is the love?"
That will help us all break free of
The untold wars, hunger and hopelessness
We share together as humans in distress

In ideologies spiraling out of control
Like particles pulled into a black hole
Unable to set our spirits free
To love one another and just be

Not knowing what the future brings
Rise up and spread your wings
Love everyone pour out your hearts
This is how we begin, how it starts

Change begins with each of us
One act of love and kindness rendered
Multiplies as we humbly surrender
To another human in deepest splendor

Yesterday is over
The future is yet unknown
Love everyone as we take our stands
So human strife will have a closure
And peace will reign across our lands
As we reap the love in seeds we've sown

© J Anjoun/12/2014

"Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will
never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."  ~Plato~


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