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Feel the Freedom by shwalin on DeviantArt

Free To Be

We are a constant ebb and flow
Whispers in the atmospheric air
No matter whence we go
Our destination is everywhere

To be fee from form and limitations
Like an infinite unbound forever
Floating on silk threaded sensations
Never a murmur nor a quiver

The whole of creation a gift and free
As we explore the great expanses
And so it rings true for you and me
When we rise to take life's chances

Replenishing the solidity of wisdom
In everything we feel and see
Dancing to the distant drum
Escaping in absolute glee

© J Anjoun 07/2016


There is a heaviness that falls upon the soul
Demanding a precise and exacting toll
Measured in endless nothingness day and night
Obscuring the distant horizon of glimmering light

What is this innervated feeling of hopelessness
Banishing the mind in degrees of dispossess
Emotions fading and falling to barren ground
Gloom and depression pushes in deep and profound

Time moves slowly in this suspended  progression
Devoid of voice affecting definitive expression
Anticipating soaring on whirlwinds of change
Replacing the darkness in a swift light exchange

Feelings evaporate into undusted thought
Oppression laden in full anxious fraught
Lift up the lucid burden of minds unchained
Live a life in union with peace unrestrained

Glance back on memories in cloyed reflection
A mission of freedom in adjunct projection
The misty sunrise of  breaking new days
Washes over heaviness like simple nosegays

Visions reflect a new dawning to apprise
Carrying thoughts to accelerated highs
Contemplate the emotion of passionate elation
And emerge like a butterfly a most unique creation

© J Anjoun/03-2017

Fairy Tales

We live in a land of fairy tales
Old and new

And from the mouths of Kings and rulers
Every deceit spews

In religion there is a happy end
And in New Age we just ascend

On the World Wide Web
We can focus on the next celeb
That's playing the evil Lucifer

Or,  should we just elect Jeb
And become
A dynasty connoisseur

Of stories, paths and roads traveled
Hopelessly unraveled

While we keep the status quo
The truth may well be

That some fairy tales just blow
We should agree

Really light up and rearrange
Rework change

The paradigm has no end in sight
Riddled with continuous 'fright or flight'
Time for a rewrite

What to do on planet earth
Ah…visualize rebirth

Simply unplug from the matrix
All the ideologies and tricks

Make your own world
Neatly knitted and purled

With threads of silver and gold
Be bold

Don't look back
No backtrack

In your own fairytale you are the Knight
Keep moving toward the quintessential light

Because if you don't have a dog in the fight
Unplugging is right

Nothing in this world to fear
Just tell 'em "I'm not from around here"

Live a life of happily ever after
Filled with gobs of laughter

Cut the strings of the puppeteer
Then simply . . . disappear

Into the fairytale reality you create
Because, it's going to be absolutely great!

© Anjoun/10/2/015


Awakened to days filled with pandemonium
Shimmering hopes we see through murky water
Standing strong trying not to bend or succumb
Believing we can live the life we desire and prefer

Oh, the days pass slowly in this rising revolution
Longing for the change we are affecting to be done
One small voice withers in the vast sea of information
Looking for truth and finding slivers to none

These times try us and dishearten our souls
Like the hands of a twisted, upside down fate
Searching for glimmering light in the many dark holes
Reaching to pull love and light through the narrow gate

Moving forward we climb the plethora of pinnacles
Having yet gone to the upper most height
Yet, we hold dear our hope, dreams and principals
For a future that all mankind can stand and shine bright

Unlock the doors and chains that enslave and contrive
The invasion of evil corruption must be eliminated and die
In our world we want change and honor to survive
Unite! Let our strengths draw that world nigh

So, now we bear fruit to the truths found on this path
As we share them often with our human families
Calm we remain in the face of corruptness and wrath
And we let harmony agree with peace and love be our keys

                             ©  J Anjoun/08-2017

When branches dance and flow
Under a late Spring breeze
Birds are all aflutter to and fro
High atop the trees

Cool days bring about a frolic
Skylarking and having fun
Nature's rituals symbolic
Until the day is done

Morning dawns through dewy mist
Awakened in a dreamy radiance
The flowers are softly kissed
So free and spontaneous

Now Summer makes a warm debut
With days stretched out and long
Farewell to Spring and a fond adieu
As we bask in the sun and hum a happy song

© J Anjoun 05/2017


In all the mosques, lodges and churches
Synagogues, Shuls and Temples
Covered with pitch and ashes
Affected with trembles

The name for misery and enslaved peoples
Resides in the lostness of the sheeples
Under parapets, domes and steeples
Carried away on wings of eagles

The war for our souls resides in religions
Caught up in deceptive elite missions
Set up like targeted clay pigeons
Mind and body imprisoned

Stealing hearts and souls like a thief
These divine philosophies of belief
Bringing anger and abject grief
Offering deception relief

Our dreams of being totally free
Followers we all must agree
Brimming thoughts of glee
Waiting to run and flee

Seeking for the formidable truth
Sitting in pews of our youth
Satisfying a sweet tooth
Becoming a sleuth

Teachers throughout history all spoke of
Directing humanity to become part of
In millenniums below and above
A world based solely on love

Strive to become your own speaker
Adding spirit as a main feature
Avidly deep thinker seeker
Be a loving creature

© J Anjoun/2015

"The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for  our
wits to grow sharper"   ~*Bertrand Russell~                                                                                                                 

*Bertrand Russell was a philosopher, mathematician,
educator, social critic and political activist, authoring over
70 books and thousands of essays and letters addressing
a myriad of topics. Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in
1950, Russell was a fine literary stylist, one of the foremost
logicians ever, and a gadfly for improving the lives of men
and women.

For more information please click here to visit his biography.


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