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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.  ~Edmund Burke~

End Times

I ponder what deviant agendas the end times will bring
What Draconian ideologies will become king?

It appears the reviled usurpers of the powers that be
Have declared themselves superior and the supreme appointees

In the world of ponerology, the genesis of evil control
This is the evil our wisdom teachers all prophetically foretold

Oppressive regimes spinning "mythical technological error"
Laughing as they fill our hearts and souls with their imposing terror

Setting up the problem and then offering the solution
Blocking human progress like a coronary artery occlusion

Trained in masterful scripting carefully worded to scare
While we feed on GMO junk, pharmaceuticals and "health care"

Wars, disease, disasters and impending economic demise
Our insane depressing lows become the elites new demonic highs

Electronic controls that concoct "illogical states of turmoil"
As we're buried like "franken" seeds beneath poisoned topsoil

Sprayed with chemicals to ensure we never take root
Or interfere with the never ending pillaging of their worshiped loot

We're desperate to feel the love that, alas, will never grow
We now writhe in disease and "brain dead" becomes our "status quo"

Trillions of our dollars go missing and illegally taken
Confusing our minds making us think, "we must be mistaken"

Funds secretly appropriated on agendas we know nothing about
Very expertly planned so we can't ever question or figure it out

In a world where money makes everything better for some
"Please mister, can we just have one bloody little damn crumb"?

Our hard earned "worthless" currencies are blatantly curtailed
To bail out big fat banks and corporations "too big to fail"

Well-funded collusions of lies brought to a rolling boil
As the greedy extort their prosperity from our toil

The sorcerer's cauldrons are stirred with drunken power
As devils dress up for a never-ending "happy hour"

Illegitimate actors paid to deliver the expert confusions
Playing out controversies in a parade of secret irrational illusions

Convoluted regulations are chosen to keep us confined
Delivering shock waves designed to completely "blow our minds"

Masters of everything while really masters of nothing
The depths of their darkness is deeply disturbing

The backdrop of our existence is the "smoke and mirror" shows
Humanity lives estranged lives and this is sadly how it goes

Keep seeking truth and be very vigilant
Diabolical minds have sights set on imprisonment

Watch with caution for any "signs and wonders"
Because the great deceivers and false flags will take you right under

Maniacal stories replete with criminals that contribute
To confuse everyone further, there are "puppets" that pay tribute

Those so totally ignorant while they dutifully cast stones from without
Do what their told and have no clue what it's really all about

Our "enlightened" teachers follow a labyrinth of made up regulations
Proliferating "facts" while faking research and investigations

Insane rules dictated by the pathological control freaks and fools
Where everyone is "dumbed down" in a maze of "mass managed" schools

Tests that regurgitate curriculums become "hallmarks" of intelligence
Therefore making the lies and deceptions seem credulous

Everything you think you know and have learned
Were contrived and fabricated and totally unconfirmed

Carefully designed to enforce absolute control
We're prisoners here and no one's getting a parole

Wisdom and knowledge have been purposely buried deep
So we walk around in ignorance and reek like a garbage heap

The "end game" is to "divide and conquer" with confusion
From the secret authors of deception, hate and collusion

Rabbit holes lead to deep "matrix" dead ends
Where you don't even know your enemies from your friends

The colored "pills of change" will only harm us
Check out, observe, contemplate and remain anonymous

In these "end times", we're not going through some little  "bad patch"

Their assembling weapons and will eagerly kill to add another "notch"

Stay diligent and on guard and question everything
In these end times its FAITH, HOPE and LOVE you must cling!

Please! We must eliminate the disease
To survive and thrive . . . not be buried alive!

We have to arise from our slumber and wake up
Celebrate and take our turn drinking from the "loving cup"!

When the demonic forces come to an end like the tragedies of Aeschylus
It's our love for each other that will be triumphant and ubiquitous

Stay strong because love can conquer - it is love we have to release!
So, to all, I can only think of one word to end and that is

© J. Anjoun 05/15

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