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Light Workers Creed

Spiraling through the universe
Like pixies and fairies in flight
Illuminating paths as they traverse
Dimensions touched with starlight

Souls from higher cosmic planes
Not seen but reached by minds
Flowing free in new domains
Through spiritual loving kinds

Naturally drawn to helping others
Ascending upon powerful wings
Spreading through diverse cultures
Embracing all life in everything

Moving through living dimensions
Helping those seeking to achieve
Dispelling fearful apprehensions
A life ready to soar and perceive

Reaching a higher consciousness
United in thoughts and purpose
Free from all pain and darkness
Watchful as the eyes of Argus*

Unslain! Still searching the abyss
Capturing within the magic spell
Probing the deep like a soul kiss
Of this fallen world of living hell

Knowing this planet is not home
Lending help to those that aspire
To escape the geodesic dome
Ascending like notes on the lyre

Listening and hear with your hearts
To an awakening beyond compare
More dimensional than Descartes**
Meditating to end all the despair

Defying gravity free of constraints
A light worker whose spirit knows
Deepest love in the hearts of saints
Celebrating on the day of All Hallows***

Light workers illuminate higher purposes
Loving people, animals, plants and nature
They help to attain a metamorphosis
In absolute kindness, love and nurture

© J Anjoun/2014

*Argus Panoptes (Argus "All-Eyes"), a giant with a hundred eyes

**French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist, thought of as  the   father of modern western philosophy

***All Hallows' Day, or All Saints' Day, a Christian feast day

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