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"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom".
                                                         ~Bertrand Russell~


Moving through passages we trace
Spirits connect in a predestined place
A love that abides in forgiving grace
Having no discernible face

Found in philosophies of mankind's histories
Etched in merciful knowledge and grace
A continuum in our minds inventories
Guiding our journey through space

We gather in unseen dimensions
Hearts alight in higher ascension
Souls in perfect melodic resurrection
Clothed in the love of agape affection

Happening in an instant
Over millennia of distant times
Within a genetic imprint
Within the eons of no confines

The invisible worlds of timelessness
Witnessing love that has no end
Absorbed in the light of faithfulness
Dreams sent pure and splendid

Shades of strawberry roses
Love moves in closing and goes
Seeking, ending, composing
Always beginning
With you

© J Anjoun/2014

Come be free with me
Gaze upon the majesty of a tree
Let go of fears that dwell within
And let the peace begin

Come be free with me
Throw worries to the deepest sea
Contemplate a bumble bee
Rest in calm carefree

Come be free with me
Walk the beach in bare feet
Feel the sun upon your skin
Clear your mind within

Come be free with me
Shun worldly cares and be
Exit the abyss by personal decree
You alone have the key

Come be free with me
Walk with sight to see
Open your heart and mind
You will expectantly find

Magic certainly surrounds us
Waiting with absolute sureness
In this world of uncertainty 
It's the magic that sets you free

© J Anjoun/02-2017

Click here for larger view of  The Death of Caser
By Artist: Vincenzo Camuccini


I love a long sexy and warming kiss
So sweet and filled with such calm bliss
Albeit through staleness of breath I heartedly disdain
It all seems so disgusting and completely in vain

The lingering taste of red wine on soft waiting lips
Slow and refined, is a totally exciting eclipse
It's what I long for and so deeply desire
This fleeting, beautiful dream that I aspire

Where are the men of such love renowned
They are hiding in red velvet pockets abound
How this desire burns deep within my poetic soul
I must find this sensual beauty through the magic keyhole

Alas, so many are dead to this realists passion
Placing their love all bound up in a future ration
Selfish and unfree they walk through this life
Present in a yesterday still filled with much strife

Find those that  keep the candle of love alive
Who have thrown off the old and how they survived
Emerged in the beauty of the world all around
And love in a way that totally will astound

This isn't a fairy-tale or a fanciful romantic plight
Searching for love is deep and takes special foresight
Reality catches us all in a most inopportune time
Making desire and longing work within an empty paradigm

If we let go of fear and the working of the masses
And just burn those paradigms right down to black ashes
We break free of control that stops us from the passion
Enabling us to take a much more lasting sublime and loving action

© J Anjoun/06/2017 

Beware Caesar the Ides of March
Junius Brutus et al conspires
No longer Dictator Perpetus
Ended by 23 wounds

© J Anjoun/03-2017


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